The committee met via a Zoom call on Monday night to discuss the prospect of a Sheep Fair in 2021.

Firstly, it is our hope to operate a show of some form. However, we do have a backdrop of Government and WSCC risk assessment requirements (plus Distancing, Hand Washing, Face Coverings and Track & Trace registration) to conform to. These assessments include the consideration of the local community, use of public transport, impact assessments etc. Event and Shows are only permitted to proceed once these assessments have been formally approved by WSCC. The requirements are unlikely to change or relax. The vaccination programme offers us all hope but it has just started and it will be impossible for everyone to have been vaccinated, twice, by mid August (giving a 3 week immunity development period prior to the show).

Our initial meeting has determined to investigate whether a cut down, open air, show is possible. The shape, format and viability has yet to be formulated. The one thing that is certain is that any show will not be a normal show.

As was the case last year the situation is ever changing, which makes planning difficult, we will ultimately be guided, and only be able to proceed, by Government and local regulations.

Further meetings are occurring prior to the next main meeting in February when we will issue a further update.

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